About us

Dema Cleaning was founded in 2016 as a small company, lead by the experience of two managers who have been in the proffessional cleaning bussiness for years during their stay in United States and United Kingdom. In our company, number one priority is always the customer to be sattisfied. The policy, that we strictly follow , is to pay personal attention to each of our clients. Dema Cleaning is among the most competitive companies in the proffessional and home cleaning market thanks to our bonuses, promotions and compensations. And exactly this attitude that we refer to our clients is what helps us to develop more and more in this industry.
We provide regular cleaning of any kind of buildings , regardless their purposes.
In every offer of ours, we include recommended maintanence for yor home, office, garden, industrial buildings,production facilities, regular buildings… The prices are competitive with the highest quality of service.