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  • Our first meeting

    Our first meeting with you will be when we visit your company place, the one that you want to be cleaned and taken care of on a regular base. Of course, you will let us know what exactly your needs are. We will reveal you our final detailed offer, in which we will include all possible expenses.
  • After agreement

    Once we reach an agreement, we are going to visit you for a second time to meet you with the employees who are going to maintain you. Basically,we are going to discuss the ways of maitanence and all the details, connected with the whole process of cleaning your company place.
  • Everything you need

    We are capable of providing you with everything that you need for the perfect maitanence of your office,apartament, building. Individual cleaning programs, different options for subscriptional cleaning, delivering proffesional cleaning supplies, confidentiality, keeping your property safe and free transportation etc…
  • And finally...

    And last, but not least , we will be more than glad to provide you with a service for the prosperity of your bussiness and family.

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